1658343_10153499451850898_1082192364878428452_oAvoid Contractor Horror Stories

In construction, like any service,  it is unfortunate to have to rehire another service to complete or fix a service that has already been paid for. There are many contractors that offer their services at “bargain prices” that in fact will end up costing customers far more than what was expected.  Individual contractors or a friendly handyman may offer to work for cheap, but they do not provide the necessary tools, trucks, tractors, and provisions that your job may need. The job may sound inexpensive in the beginning, but these workers will soon be finding miscellaneous costs for unexpected necessities that may spring up within the process. It could be tool rentals, additional help, or even unexpected permitting.  Handymen don’t carry the insurances, bonding, and liability protection that also protect you, the homeowner, from risks during renovation projects. In the end, through drawn-out projects, financial headaches, lots of liabilities, and substandard work, the homeowner will pay far more for not having chosen a professional builder. This is why it is important to hire right the first time, it will actually save you more in the long run.

Hire right the first time!

At M.C. Brown Construction, we are proficient in building, we have been fully operational for 60 years. We have a fully employed staff. Some of the team have worked with us for as much as 30 years. We are always available to attend to your project according to a planned schedule. There will always be a superintendent on site for your peace of mind. All of our job sites are clean, liability free, and maintained properly to code. We are fully equipped with the tools and trucks necessary, so you won’t have to incur marked up rental fees or waiting for an available tool rental.  We understand the necessities and checklists that are to be completed before we work up your estimate. We give you an “estimate” because if a certain tool or service line item wasn’t utilized, we won’t charge you for it. We also never ask for money in advance, this is a huge red flag. We don’t charge you until a certain stage of your project has been completed. And in our Proposal and Contract there will be a cost breakdown of what is owed and when, so that everything is clear upfront and there are no surprises later on. There are occasions when additional work is needed, and in those instances a work order change will be sent out with the description on work that will be added as well as the added cost. We do our absolute best to keep things as simple and as pain free as possible. When you hire M.C. Brown Construction to do your project, you can rest assure that you hired the right company. We will do everything in our power to make sure you are taken care of! We would love to hear from you on your next project. Please contact us so that we can set up a meeting!

M.C.Brown is reputable among San Diego for these reasons. We offer fair pricing with upfront disclosure so that you can feel safe. We also deliver quality work that exceeds expectations with a friendly smile.