We deliver Excellence.

We offer the joys of amazing craftsmanship!

This is not a cheap rush job. We are the difference! As you search for a contractor, you will find big promises at bargain pricing. If it’s too good to be true, it will cost you more in the end. We do not take shortcuts. We care about your well-being. We are a thoughtful and sustainable business that is here to provide you great work for the long haul. We care about strength, integrity, and the details.  We are honest up front with our pricing and services. 


Skip liabilities. We protect our clients from start to finish!

Hiring a local handy-person or small business that isn’t insured is a big risk. A contractor that cannot truly meet electrical, plumbing, and building standards can mean trouble for you in the long run. It can also mean you pay excessively more on the backend. If a handy-person gets hurt it can impose unexpected legal liabilities. This is not a risk we believe that should fall on homeowners. Our clients are protected from serious liability and unforeseen financial issues. MC Brown Construction is insured, licensed, bonded, adheres to current codes and provides best practice quality. We have experts that deliver excellence and that stay up-to-code, all the while, delivering on best practice standards. Over 60 years of service, the BBB rates us as an A+ business.  We keep worksites safe and clean.


No amateurs. We provide great workers, exact tools, and big equipment, all in house!

Many construction businesses contract unfamiliar workers and/or rent equipment beyond their capabilities. There may be substantial and unexpected mark up of subcontractor pricing where there isn’t expertise. This often amounts to a lesser quality of work.  Communication and regular systems are not in place to deliver excellence.  MC Brown Construction has building experts in house, the right equipment, and the right systems to ensure precision in the details. We know our team, we know our systems, we know our tools, and we know our work.

We plan for clean beautiful workmanship and long-term strength!

It is important for us to deliver integrity, beauty, and strength within in our work. Our pricing and services may seem different up front, It’s true. We deliver honest estimates with lifetime protections. We want to be to the difference. We want you to win for good! There are no surprises with us. You will find beauty in the details and strength in the workmanship long after we’ve left. We love that you will enjoy great craftsmanship years after we’ve done our work.


We are excited to hear your ideas. Share with us!


Licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.


You guided our expectations and worked diligently to the timeline. You couldn’t have a more friendly or professional team. We’ve been using our kitchen with great pleasure. We know who to call for our next project! 

Ethel Yamamoto

I have worked with Brown Construction for many years and have never questioned the quality of their work. It is Stellar. I would not trust anyone else to work for me.

Thanks Marty, Art, Candice, and Staff for a wonderful 40 years of wonderful service.

Lee and Patty Kidwell

Top of the line quality and workmanship! Excellent customer service! Will recommend to friends and family. Brown Construction called to keep us informed each day. Work was finished in a timely fashion. They cleaned up everyday before they left. We’re very happy with the new look of our home!   

Don and Bonnie Hyder

The best advice David Copley ever gave me regarding any of his properties was to, “Always call Brown Construction, because you can trust them, especially the quality of the work they do.
Andrew Shelton

(619) 660-2238
10777 Eureka Rd., Spring Valley, CA 91978