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Frequently Asked

What makes your company different from others?

No surprises.  We deliver long-lasting, strong, beautiful work.  MC Brown provides what is promised. Our reputation is founded on integrity. Our preliminary plans and estimates are not meant to win new business. We are honest.  We provide a forecast of costs and efficient timelines that will deliver on your project goals. We have a fully staffed in house team of skilled builders.  


Do you outsource work to other contractors?

MC Brown has a full team of skilled builders that are employed full-time.  We consider them our family. Our clients praise their character and work ethic. We have a full fleet of vehicles and tractors ready to handle jobs efficiently.  If there is specialty work that requires us to utilize an industry expert, we’ll introduce you to our great vendors for electric, plumbing, and mechanical work

How do your costs compare to other contractors?

We provide clear cost breakdowns for products and services. We want our clients to be fully informed before making important decisions. We do not quote to win your business. Our costs reflect the real needs to finish your project with integrity, strength, and beauty.  Our costs will reflect as much for this reason. We are a ‘no drama’ builder. Our clients are “in-the-know” and are happy upon completion of their project as a result. 

Is my job too big? too small?

As much as we are equipped and ready to handle all residentials jobs ‘big and small’, if we feel that we are not equipped to deliver the best work for you on a project, we’ll tell you! We want you to be happy and confident with the work you receive first and foremost!

How do we start the process?
What does the process entail?
How soon can we begin?
What sort of timeline can I expect on my project goals?
How will a remodel affect my living situation.

Many people are living in their homes while parts of it are being remodeled. We understand that this may be difficult as you are temporarily displaced from a part of your home. It is important to us that you are still as safe and unaffected as possible. We prepare in advance to ensure that work areas stay clean and remain safe. We protect your home from dust and worksite debris. At the end of every day, we clean up everything. You can still expect the noises that come with construction work during work hours. After that, we want to provide you with the maximum amount of peace while knowing that great work has been done.

I didn't see my question...

Give us a call. It’s our desire to see you fully informed about services before you make a decision. We want you to be happy and confident. This is important to us. We are a friendly service and want to help! 

Give us a call at 619-660-2238